Workshop i Ashtanga med Anne Nuotio

This serie of workshops is a good opportunity to dive deeply into the body and to understand it in its essence. You may have an emotional issue, a physical problem or nothing special at all to join. You are invited to make research on yourself in a calm atmosphere.

This workshop is about to listen carefully the sensations of the body as well during the asanas as outside the practice. Anne’s expertise is in the breath work, energy work and their combination as well as in the understanding of the body posture from inside. In the workshop part you learn how to read the body. You get tools to strengthen the weak parts of your body and you understand how to regulate your emotions and your overall feeling with the help of your body. Anne emphasizes the spirituality of the body. When the body is still and in peace, we get back to our peaceful essence. The participation of all 4 days is necessary not to interrupt anything that wants to come up in that stillness. Anne accompanies everybody with subtleness and with an accepting presence.

Thursday evening free Introduction in café 19.00-20.30 Friday morning Mysore 6.00-9.00 Friday evening led class 17.30-19.00 Saturday morning Mysore 7.30-10.00 Saturday morning Workshop 10.30-12.00 Saturday afternoon Led class 12.30-14.00 Sunday morning Mysore 7.30-10.00 Sunday morning Led class 10.30-12.00 320:-/class Full series price 1495:-

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14 juni 19.00-20.30
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Datum: 15-17 juni
Dag: Fredag - söndag
06.00 - 09.00

Pris: 1 495 kr

Anne Nuotio

Anne has practiced Ashtanga yoga daily for 23 years and has been teaching it in classes, workshops and retreats for more than 20 years. She’s given 4 teacher trainings and several trainings of one year. Lately, Anne has developed her own yoga method called Sacral Yoga - which is the combination of Ashtanga yoga asana practice, dance and the awareness of the central nervous system.